The North American Seed Fair showcases over 25 classes of Pedigreed Seed, Open Classes, and Junior Classes.  Displayed on the Seed Floor of the South Pavilion, the North American Seed Fair is one of the oldest Seed Fairs in Western Canada (2021 Seed Fair Brochure).

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20/20 Seed Labs Edwin Kiffiak Memorial Award

Presented for Excellence in the field of Pedigree Seed
Production plus demonstrating community involvement
in Southern Alberta.




1. Classes (1-27) all samples must have been grown in North America on the farm of the entrant in 2020.

2. Classes (1-12), Pedigreed samples must be accompanied by the crop certificate number, lot number, grade, germination, and the lab where the test was done, recorded on the entry form. In the event of a tie, the sample with the highest germination may be selected.

3. Classes (1-12), Pedigreed samples must be taken by a Registered Seed Establishment (Licensed Operator) or US equivalent to represent a lot of 3 tonnes (110 bushels) or more.

4. Classes 17-24, Junior is open to all young growers aged 9-18 inclusive. The entrant must prepare samples for the Junior classes only.

5. Classes 17-24, Junior only one entry per crop kind in each class, per grower may be entered. In cases where more than one sample has been entered. It will be the Seed Fair Committee’s discretion which sample will be judged.

6. Class 25 is open to all licenced seed cleaning plants. Only one entry per cleaning plant to represent a commercially machine cleaned lot of 3 tonnes (110 bushels) or more.

7. The nutrient analysis provided for classes 13-14 must represent the sample submitted.

8. Class 26 treated, the type of seed treatment must be specified on the entry form.

9. No treated sample will be accepted in any class other that Class 26.

10. Sample sizes are as indicated by classes in the Seed Fair pamphlet. Any samples under the specified size will be disqualified.

Forage & Grass Seed ……………….. 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Cereal & Oil Seed …………………….. 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Pulse Crops ……………………………… 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Seed Treatment & Seed Cleaning Plant Classes: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Hay …………………………………………. 2kg (4.4 lbs)
Junior Classes …………………………. 1 kg (2.2 lbs)

11. Samples deemed by judges as not fitting into any particular class will not be judged but may be marked “For Display Only” and add to Class 27.

12. Samples altered by a foreign substance (e.g. grease, oil, wax etc.) will be disqualified, as well as all other samples submitted by the exhibitor.

13. Decisions of the Judges will be final. Entrant and farm entity will be prohibited from entering the Seed Fair for 5 years if officials discover fraud, misrepresentation, or collusion. If judges decide samples in any class do not warrant top awards, lower prizes may be awarded.

14. It is the condition of entry that all samples become property of the Ag Expo Seed Fair Committee. NO samples shall leave the premises once entered. Samples will be disposed of by the Seed Fair Committee.

15. In the event of a tie for Aggregate awards, placing’s (number of firsts, seconds, etc.) will be used as the criteria to determine a winner.

16. In a case where the rules need interpretation, the Seed Fair Committee will interpret them.


1. Pedigreed Grand Aggregate Classes: 1 – 12
2. Champion Pedigreed Cereal Classes: 1 – 8
3. Champion Pedigreed Pulse Crop: Classes 9 - 10
4. Champion Pedigreed Forage Seed Classes: 11 – 12
5. Champion Open Hay & Silage Classes: 13 – 16
6. Junior Aggregate Classes: 17 - 24


All Samples must by 2 kg (4.4 lbs)

CLASS 1. Pedigreed Hard Red Spring Wheat
CLASS 2. Pedigreed Winter Wheat
CLASS 3. Pedigreed Durum Wheat
CLASS 4. Pedigreed Soft White, Hard White
Spring,Extra Strong & Prairie Spring Wheat
CLASS 5. Pedigreed 2-Row Barley
CLASS 6. Pedigreed 6-Row Barley
CLASS 7. Pedigreed Oil Seed (e.g.: Mustard & Flax)
CLASS 8. Pedigreed Oats, Triticale & Rye

All Samples must by 2 kg (4.4 lbs)

CLASS 9. Pedigreed Dry Peas
CLASS 10. Pedigreed Pulse Crops
(e.g.: Chickpeas, Lentils, Dry Beans & Fava Beans)

All Samples must by 2 kg (4.4 lbs)

CLASS 11. Pedigreed Alfalfa Seed
CLASS 12. Pedigreed Forage Seed

Hay samples must be in 2 kg. Hay core samples must be delivered to Green Prairie      International by     March 5, 2021

CLASS 13. Alfalfa Hay
CLASS 14. Grass & Grass/Legume Hay
CLASS 15. Timothy Hay (1st Cut only- No testing required)
CLASS 16. Corn Silage


All samples must be 1 Kg (2.2 lbs) and prepared by the entrant ages 9-18.

CLASS 17. Hard Red Spring, Hard White Spring Wheat
CLASS 18. Soft White, Extra Strong & Prairie Spring Wheat
CLASS 19. Durum Wheat
CLASS 20. Winter Wheat
CLASS 21. Triticale & Rye
CLASS 22. Oats & Barley
CLASS 23. Oilseeds (mustard, flax, etc.)
CLASS 24. Pulse Crops (peas, dry beans, lentils etc.)


 Open to all licensed seed cleaning plants. All samples must be 2 kg (4.4lb)

CLASS 25. Quality of Seed Cleaning
CLASS 26. Quality of Seed Treatment


Open to all licensed seed cleaning plants. All samples must be 2 kg (4.4lb)

CLASS 27. Display-Growers are invited to submit seed samples from commercial production of crops not included elsewhere in this brochure.


1. No entry fee required.

2. Complete the duplicate entry form for each sample. Place one copy inside the sample bag and attach the other copy to the outside of the sample bag.

3. Pack samples securely, and drop off or mail prepaid to North American Seed Fair, Exhibition Park 3401 Parkside Dr. S., Lethbridge AB Canada T1J 4R3.

4. Samples may also be dropped off at the Seed Net Office, 1235 11 St. Unit 2 Coaldale, 403-715-9771 or Mercer Seeds on Highway 4, 403-327-9736.

5. All seed samples are to arrive no later than March 5, 2021. Entries arriving later than the specified deadline date will not be judged.

6. All hay samples must be cored and received at Green Prairie International on Highway 3 for F8A testing no later than March 5, 2021. A flake is still required for judging and display at Exhibition Park. Contact Brian Schmidt at 403-394-6967 for assistance.

7. Prizes will be presented at the Awards Reception. First place winners will be notified by phone.

8. Additional entry forms can be obtained from the Exhibition Administration Office; phone: 403-328-4491.


For classes 1 – 16
1st Place... 5 pts
2nd Place... 3 pts
3rd Place... 1 pt

Classes 1 – 16 & 25 - 26
1st Place... Plaque & $75.00
2nd Place... $50.00
3rd Place... $25.00
(Aggregate & Champion - Plaque)


For classes 17 - 24
1st Place... 5 pts
2nd Place... 4 pts
3rd Place... 3 pt
4th Place... 2 pts
5th Place... 1 pts

Class 17 – 24
Aggregate & Champion - Plaque & $150.00
1st Place... Plaque & $50.00
2nd Place... $40
3rd Place... $30
4th Place... $20
5th Place... $10


Ready to find out more?

View the North American Seed Fair brochure for full event details.